Identifying credential sharing and authenticating legitimate users.

Software vendors are in the midst of changing pricing and licensing models. One of the main challenges they face is minimizing losses related to credential sharing. With 48% of people surveyed admitting to sharing passwords and countless more admitting to violating software agreements, this is a valid concern. At the same time, these solutions are all about increasing productivity and access to information. With BioCatch, there is no longer a tradeoff.

Our solution uses behavioral biometrics to monitor user behavior and create individualized profiles. The technology works passively in the background, to authenticate user behaviors from the login and throughout the session. This means you can gain visibility into how your products are being used and be assured that software licenses and content are being accessed by legitimate users and know who is using the platform with BioCatch’s real-time analytical insights.

What BioCatch Brings:

Applying more than 500 unique metrics to analyze the application process, BioCatch can identify licensed software users to protect assets and secure credibility. BioCatch’s solution offers:

  • Frictionless authentication — Monitoring and authorizing activity without impact on the user’s normal computing experience.
  • Accuracy — Examining a robust range of human and non-human device interactions, the system examines more than 500 behavioral parameters to establish a user profile that is unique to the individual and provides almost no false alerts providing for a seamless user experience.
  • Cross-platform security – BioCatch works on desktop and mobile platforms, providing real-time assurance that content is safe at all times

BioCatch continuously identifies licensed software users to protect assets and minimize revenue losses from 


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