About BioCatch — The Behavioral Biometrics Company.

BioCatch is a cybersecurity company that delivers behavioral biometric solutions, analyzing human-device interactions to protect users and data. Banks and other enterprises use BioCatch to significantly reduce online fraud and protect against a variety of cyber threats, without compromising the user experience. With an unparalleled patent portfolio and deployments at major banks around the world that cover tens of millions of users to date, BioCatch is an industry leading provider of behavioral biometrics for mobile and web applications.

Available as a cloud-based solution, BioCatch proactively collects and analyzes more than 500 cognitive parameters to generate unique user profiles and model different types of genuine and malicious behavior. The BioCatch platform continuously authenticates users to protect against cyber threats and fraudulent activity, such as account takeover and RAT-in-the-Browser (RitB), reducing false alarms while providing impressive returns on investment.

Our History

Founded in 2011 by experts in neural science research, machine learning and cyber security, BioCatch set out to address the next generation cyber threats by focusing on the behavior of the fraudster as opposed to adding new fortification layers. With less fraud and less user friction, BioCatch enables organizations to provide their customers increased security and a better user experience.

While serving in military intelligence, founder Avi Turgeman began pursuing a theory that people interact with machines in unique, measurable ways. Drawing on years of experience exploring white-hat hacking, system vulnerability management and how cyberterrorists operate, Turgeman turned his attention to online fraudsters and their identifiable signatures, co-founding the company with Benny Rosenbaum. The BioCatch concept is based on his work to create an identity theft safeguard employing continuous biometric authentication.

In developing a platform to identify both human and non-human behaviors online, BioCatch revolutionized the way organizations secure online assets. Today, the company continues to innovate while driving awareness of the next generation of fraud prevention needs. BioCatch ambitiously addresses a broad range of cyber concerns with an unparalleled portfolio of more than 40 granted or pending patents.

BioCatch’s dynamic, enterprise-grade solution is deployed at major banks and eCommerce sites worldwide. With its team of experts bringing decades of experience in authentication and fraud or threat detection, BioCatch will continue to develop its global leadership in behavioral biometrics technology combatting fraud and protecting customers online.


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