Significantly reduce online fraud and protect against a variety of cyber threats, without compromising user experience, with BioCatch’s easily deployed behavioral biometrics technology.

Partner with our leading team cybersecurity and fraud prevention experts and benefit from all of the features, functionality and services our platform provides. BioCatch is easy to deploy and implement as a standalone capability or inside third-party platforms.  Our unparalleled patent portfolio and leading technology enabled real-time fraud prevention and continuous authentication on the web and mobile to protect against today's cyberthreats, like social engineering, account takeover, robotic activity and malware. 

BioCatch provides many different partnering opportunities based on your needs. Our partner program is aimed at:

  • Resellers opportunities for companies that are looking to complement their current fraud prevention offering
  • OEM providers looking to bolster an authentication solution 

 Share our solution or strengthen your value proposition with the next generation solutions for fraud prevention and continuous authentication  — Partner with BioCatch.


Into the Mind of a RAT Operator               

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Protect Online Banking from RAT Attacks

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