Accurately authenticate real users to quickly detect bot/aggregator access.


Certain online banking login attempts are performed automatically by scripts. Fraudsters use botnets (a network of infected computers) to automatically login to accounts with stolen credentials in order to check their validity. Aggregators (such as Yodlee, MoneyCenter, Mint, and BillGaurd) use a similar mechanism to login and scrub account information (later presented through their apps).

Identify and extinguish both types of activities, distinguishing between them, by analyzing login behavior to correctly identify benign access (aggregators) or criminal access (bots). Unlike other biometric solutions, BioCatch’s approach is totally invisible and works continuously to analyze over 500 unique parameters to detect anomalies in a session.

BioCatch’s Benefits

Accurate. More than 500 parameters establishing a user profile are coupled with Invisible Challenges™ to elicit subconscious user responses. Plus, the platform detects robotic activity, RATs, malware and other non-human intrusions for an extremely accurate result.

Fewer False Alarms. Differentiating aggregator access from bot attacks, BioCatch can stop fraudulent access with stolen credentials while prompting fewer false alerts.

Proactive. Using machine learning to model behaviors, BioCatch can detect a genuine user from a fake one in real-time. Quickly identifying anomalies and characteristics indicative of fraud, BioCatch sends actionable alerts.

Frictionless. BioCatch offers complete transparency while remaining nonintrusive to the end user. Protect online assets and enhance the customer experience simultaneously.


Into the Mind of a RAT Operator               

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Protect Online Banking from RAT Attacks

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