The Promise of Behavioral Biometrics and Intelligent Authentication: A Q&A with ForgeRock’s Ben Goodman

Jun. 6, 2019 | by BioCatch

Earlier this year, BioCatch announced that our digital identity solution is now available on the ForgeRock Marketplace. Combining BioCatch’s industry-leading solution with ForgeRock’s intelligent authentication technology makes it easy for ForgeRock clients to implement passive authentication, prevent account takeover attacks, and provide a better customer identity and access management experience. Other benefits include greater consistency and visibility across multiple digital channels, as the solution supports both web and mobile applications.

We had the opportunity to talk with Ben Goodman, Senior Vice President of Global Business and Corporate Development at ForgeRock, about the integration and what it means for the future of authentication and security.

From your point of view, how does BioCatch complement ForgeRock's offering, and why is this partnership important to you?

Ben Goodman: At ForgeRock, we like to position our identity products as a platform. However, you are not delivering a platform unless others are innovating on top of it. Otherwise, it’s just a bunch of software.

By adding an innovative and compelling technology like behavioral biometrics seamlessly into our platform via this partnership and integration, we are demonstrating the capability to innovate on top of our platform.

What is driving interest in behavioral biometrics?

Ben: There are a bunch of massive industry and technology trends that have driven behavioral biometrics to the front of IT security practitioners minds.

First, behavioral biometrics is exceptionally effective at identifying and preventing synthetic identity creation, robotic account takeovers, and other sophisticated bot attacks. These attacks are incredibly prevalent, and thwarting them has become a priority.

Second is the realization that authentication should no longer be a one-time thing, done exclusively when you start using a service. The capability to continuously evaluate and re-evaluate an end-user as they interact with a service is relatively new, but extremely powerful. Behavioral biometrics provides us with one of the strongest tool sets for continuous transparent user evaluation.

What are the main questions that customers ask you about behavioral biometrics?

Ben: They often ask me if it works. In some ways, it can seem like voodoo. I assure them it does, in fact  work.

Customers often ask me if it can replace visible authentication altogether. I typically say that it is a supporting tool for user authentication and assurance and not a full replacement for traditional authentication modalities.

Finally, those who have researched the space ask about the "Cold Start" problem. Will their users use their app or website enough to build up a personalized profile? I explain to these customers that the best behavioral vendors have implemented sophisticated technologies to provide immediate defense against bots, malware, and account takeovers, even before a personalized profile can be built.

What is ForgeRock doing to educate customers on this emerging capability?

Ben: Hosting a webinar with BioCatch is one way! We also have trained our sales team on it and have embedded it in our pre-sales demos. We are making it a crucial part of our overall conversation with customers and prospects.

What are the main use cases that the combined offering addresses?

Ben: The continuous authentication and authorization use case is one I have touched on a couple of times for a reason. This is something forward-thinking customers are trying to tackle today. ForgeRock's intelligent authentication technology and powerful authorization engine are essential enabling technologies for continuous authentication and authorization, but we need a signal that tells us when a session is at risk, and we need transparent ways to gain assurance as well. The combined solution is uniquely positioned to address this use case.

In what ways do you view this partnership as a competitive advantage?

Ben: I'll end this Q&A where it began. To ForgeRock, it is all about demonstrating the power of our platform. We want to make sure that any customer that has deployed the ForgeRock Identity platform can quickly turn on behavioral biometrics. They can do this across their integrated apps and services by simply dropping the jointly developed integration into their ForgeRock system. This joint solution is the easiest way to get behavioral biometrics widely used in an organization. That is so powerful.

Interested in learning more about creating a full risk-based authentication solution? Join Ben and Frances Zelazny, BioCatch’s Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, for our upcoming webinar on June 13th. Both are experienced industry strategists and will explain how and why BioCatch and ForgeRock came together to create a solution that minimizes friction for users and provides strong security and compliance for enterprises. They will explore how the digital identity landscape has evolved, what current enterprises are doing to fight fraud, and what the best practices are in creating a great customer journey across the digital lifecycle.

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