From banking trojans to social engineering scams, online and mobile banking channels are vulnerable to an ever-growing range of cyberattacks. To keep up, retail and commercial banks need online banking security measures that criminals can’t circumvent. 

Behavioral biometrics is an AI-driven technology that is enabling banks to stand up against the sharp increase in online fraud and its many varieties — all while improving the user experience. One of the biggest benefits of behavioral biometrics is the technology’s versatility.

Use cases include:

  • Preventing account opening fraud
  • Detecting social engineering scams
  • Stopping remote access and malware attacks
  • Monitoring open APIs
  • And more

Whatever your most pressing needs, be it strong customer authentication under PSD2, providing a better user experience, or stopping the latest financial scam, BioCatch behavioral biometrics is a dynamic technology solution uniquely positioned to address online banking security issues and risks.

Take a look at the many use cases for retail and corporate banking in this infographic.

Solving_Security_Challenges_Infographic_v2 (1)


View a larger version of the infographic here.

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