When it comes to making mobile banking transactions and payments, today’s consumers demand a secure and seamless experience. To achieve this, BioCatch and Samsung SDS have teamed up to offer continuous passwordless authentication throughout the entirety of user sessions.

The partnership, announced at this year’s Money2020, will merge BioCatch technology with Nexsign, Samsung SDS’s FIDO-certified enterprise-grade biometric authentication software. BioCatch’s risk-based authentication will continuously monitor users by mapping behavioral patterns after login, detecting any sign of activity that indicates an unauthorized user, bot, or malware has usurped the session.

Passwordless authentication measures a series of small actions, such as mouse scrolling or hand movements, to quickly determine whether the person using your banking credentials is you, or an imposter. On the mobile, the biometric technology behind the scenes can detect over 2000 different types of behavior during a session, all without interrupting the user experience.

This demo simulates how passwordless authentication will operate within the Nexsign platform to monitor behavior during an online payment within a person-to-person money sharing app. BioCatch’s behavioral biometric technology automatically authenticates and approves the payment based on a short series of actions, but when another person—an imposter— attempts to make the same transaction, they are immediately prompted for a step-up authentication.

To learn more about BioCatch’s continuous authentication technology, download the datasheet.

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