The RSA Conference “where the world talks security” kicks off in San Francisco February 13th. This exciting global security symposium can be overwhelming with over 45,000 visitors attending hundreds of presentations, panel discussions, forums, learning labs, and more. Here are our six things we’d suggest to do at this conference devoted to securing and safeguarding our digital world.

1. Better Understand Blockchain

Amidst the discussion of hacking Blockchain or fighting crime using Blockchain, our own Uri Rivner will present on The Blockchain Identity Crisis. BioCatch’s Head of Cy- ber Security will explore the excitement around Blockchain, differentiate between public and private networks, discuss the problem of identity proofing and offer a new defense doctrine for Blockchain programs.

2. Key in to the Keynotes

  • There is, as usual, an impressive lineup of speakers at the RSA Conference:
    Microsoft President Brad Smith will discuss “Protecting and Defending against Cyberthreats in Uncertain Times”

  • Michael T. McCaul, Chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, addresses “The War in Cyberspace: Why We are Losing — and How to Fight Back”

  • Palo Alto Networks CEO and Chair Mark D. McLaughlin examines “The Coming Disruption in Security”

  • Terence Spies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Distinguished Chief Technologist, considers “Data Futures: Protecting the Changing Value of Data”

  • Symantec's Chief Technology Officer Dr. Hugh Thompson will explore "Radical Innovation: Revolutionizing the Future of Cybersecurity"

Plus, Emmy Award-winning comedian and Late Night host Seth Myers will be closing the event.

3. Delve into Cyber-Risk Defense

The RSA cybersecurity conference draws people from across the infosecurity landscape. You can bet our team will be tuning in at the threat analytics panels, though. We’re interested to see what Arnauld Mascret, Global Leader of Threat Hunting Services for Capgemini Group, says about protecting already compromised data and how to search for unnoticed attacks in an IT system. Another promising panel with SANS Institute director Lance Spitzner acknowledges “people, not technology, have become the weakest link.” His “Securing the Human: How to Build, Maintain and Measure a High-Impact Awareness Program” discussion explores securing employees and staff.

4.See Security Exploits Exposed

The Hacking Exposed NextGen session explores — live — the vulnerability and exploitability of everyday devices. Cyclance CEO Stuart McClure demonstrates real world hacks of devices and systems and shows how simple countermeasures can slow or prevent attacks.

The RSA has kindly sorted the conference into specialty tracks to help attendees plan their days, and another good, related session for industry experts interested in hackers & threats is likely to be Tel Aviv University researcher Keren Elazari’s examination of “The Cyber-Circus: What the Rise of Hacking Everyday Things Means for All of Us.”

5. Forecast The Future of Infosecurity

The RSA this year hosts its first showcase of startups. The Early Stage Expo’s showcase of 40 innovators from the US, Canada, Israel, the UK and France will highlight the complexity of cyber security. The technology from early stage companies showcases biometric authentication, cryptographic analysis, penetration testing, application security and more.

6. Israeli Cyber Security Showcase 2017

The Cyber Nation is back in San Francisco for RSA 2017, presenting over 50 Israeli companies at the forefront of cyber security innovation.

Don't miss the annual Cyber Security Showcase or stop by the Israeli Pavilion at RSA to discover Israel’s latest technological solutions on the market!


Exploring trends and innovation in analytics, intelligence and response, application or cloud security, cryptography, hackers and threats, mobile and IoT, and security strategy, this cybersecurity conference has something for everyone. You’re sure to hear a lot about the benefits of behavioral biometrics.

Otherwise, look for BioCatch representatives throughout the RAC conference! We’ll keep an eye out for you at Uri’s Blockchain presentation.

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