Fraud prevention

Unparalleled approach that goes beyond traditional fraud prevention tools, to detect malware, robotic and aggregator activity, social engineering and other remote access threats and prevent fraud in real-time.

Identifies the Most Severe Cyberthreats

Malware infections and Remote Access Tool (RAT) attacks are on the rise, enabling cyber criminals to take over accounts and automate fraud. Employing social engineering and technical subterfuge, fraudsters easily gain access to victim machines to steal credentials, trick users, intercept consumers online, or monitor and intercept consumer activity.

Circumventing traditional online fraud prevention solutions such as device recognition, proxy detection and IP geo-location, fraudsters are leveraging any opening to infect or attack. Acting with patience, sometimes triggering malware well after it has been installed, the fraudster’s work can go undetected for 170 days on average!

BioCatch’s Threat Detection Module offers a new level of detection and protection against malware, bots, aggregator and other Remote Access Trojans. Each of these behave differently than a human being, meaning that they exhibit their own unique behavioral patterns that can be identified. Many of today's RATs are human, tricking victims via social engineering into logging into their own accounts and then taking over. Analyzing hundreds of human and non-human behavioral parameters every second, BioCatch's patented technology is able to detect an anomaly in a session in real-time. 




Behavioral biometrics can identify RAT in the Browser, RAT in the Mobile, Social Engineering, Man in the Browser, and Man in the App attacks, robotic and aggregator activity as well as malware manipulating data and spoofing attacks.



BioCatch uses machine learning to model behaviors and can detect a genuine user from a fake one in real-time. Quickly identifying anomalies and characteristics indicative of fraud, BioCatch sends actionable alerts.



BioCatch identifies the sluggish responses common with network latency, overshoots and the delayed corrections characteristic of remote access. BioCatch’s ability to detect RATs was confirmed by MRG Eighties, a UK-based, independent IT security research organization.

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