What Is Behavioral Biometrics?

Behavioral biometrics is a breakthrough cybersecurity technology that identifies people by how they do what they do, rather than by what they are (e.g., fingerprint, face), what they know (e.g. secret question, password) or what they have (e.g. token, SMS one-time code). Behavioral biometrics measures and analyzes patterns in human activities. Historically, these included keystroke patterns, gait, signature and the like.

Today’s advanced behavioral biometric techniques capture an array of human interactions between a device and an application, such as hand-eye coordination, pressure, hand tremors, navigation, scrolling and other finger movements, etc.

BioCatch’s behavioral biometric solutions selects unique features from its 2000+ behavioral profiling metrics to authenticate a user — without any disruption in the user’s experience. The features are selected according to highly-advanced machine learning algorithms, which are employed to maximize the profiling process. After a few minutes of user activity, a robust user profile is built. Once established, the system can detect anomalies and suspicious behavior at an extremely high-level of accuracy and low rate of false positives.

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