Winning the Malware Arms Race

BioCatch takes a unique approach to solve the Trojan predicament. Rather than detecting a specific Trojan variant, wouldn’t it be better to detect all types of malicious actors, be it Trojans, bots or other adversaries? And what if we could not only protect against current, known, threats, but also future, unknown modes of operation? And finally, what if this detection can be truly continuous, easy to integrate with and deploy, with tools that provide visibility into the user activity?

BioCatch has reframed the problem by taking an approach that singles out any deviation from the legitimate user’s behavior by applying behavioral biometric analysis to all activities. With BioCatch you can detect when it’s not the user performing an activity such as a login, payment or account opening, detecting all types of attacks including bot activity, Trojans and other adversaries. In other words, the BioCatch platform makes the Trojans attack ineffective due to its’ ability to detect indicators of abnormal activity for any user, leveraging innovative technology that is powered by Machine Learning and takes into account user behavior traits and cognitive thinking insights.