Combining Risk Based and Continuous Biometric Authentication in Financial Services

Mar. 14, 2018

With account fraud rising and large amounts of personal information already compromised, financial institutions realize the shortcomings of basic passwords and OTPs and the need for biometric authentication to bolster security and enable a seamless user experience. However, many biometric platforms still use knowledge-based information to enroll customers, which makes it easy for hackers to create new accounts using personal identifying information.

It is necessary for financial institutions, holding personal information that employees and consumers hold most dear, to take their security to the next level. By enabling a digital identity that leverages biometric authentication as well as continuous behavioral authentication, the user is validated throughout the entirety of their session, ensuring transactions are being conducted at high security levels and mitigate exposure to fraudulent attacks.



Frances Zelazny

VP Marketing, BioCatch


Richard Lobovsky

VP Enterprise Solutions, Samsung SDSA


Jennifer Singh

Sr. Director - Head of Product & Strategy, Thomson Reuters


Erin Handel

Co-Founder, BankersHub

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watch the webinar