Our acclaimed webinar series features BioCatch subject matter experts and special guests, to give added insight on the latest trends and the role that behavioral biometrics plays in securing digital identity and protecting against cyber threats and fraudulent activity, such as social engineering, account takeover, Remote Access Trojans, malware and vishing scams.

The Evolution of Money and Biometrics

On November 8, 2017 FindBiometrics and Money20/20 presented the live webcast, "The Evolution of Money and Biometrics." Reporting on the heels of Money20/20, FindBiomerics President Peter O'Neill reviewed the biggest FinTech biometrics news out of the world’s premier financial conference, before handing the presentation to Maxine Most, Principal, Acuity Market Intelligence, who presented her firm's latest guidance. Acuity’s research set the stage for a dynamic discussion of biometrics and identity in the financial space featuring expert panelists: Bianca Lopes, Chief Identity Officer, BioConnect; Frances Zelazny, VP Marketing, BioCatch; and Sanjib Kalita, Chief Marketing Officer, Money20/20.