Authenticating user with a holistic protection approach.

Detecting and preventing fraud is a necessity for businesses looking to preserve their bottom-line. Yet fraud protection cannot be so arduous that users abandon the business due to transaction difficulties.

Behavioral biometrics authenticates legitimate users while offering positive customer experience as well as security controls.  With BioCatch, each user's profile is based on parameters that are most unique to them, so a fraudster does not know what is needed to impersonate a real user; moreover, the identity validation testing is transparent to the user. Using our patented Invisible Challenges™, the system injects a test into the session that prompts a user to respond, without them realizing it. Distinguishing between real users and impostors, BioCatch mitigates risk and provides actionable insights to fight against fraud.


What BioCatch Brings:

Applying more than 500 unique metrics, BioCatch can distinguish between human and non-human users. Our platform can strengthen validation procedures during:

  • Logins — Verifying the right person is accessing the system and reducing the number of incidents requiring additional authentication.
  • Transactions — Strong authentication of high-risk transactions can reduce failed or rejected authentication attempts and free up resources formerly expended on fraud investigations.
  • Password resets — Reducing the burden on call center support by authenticating the genuine user performing the reset.

Efficiently and transparently verify legitimate users to focus efforts on the real threat - detecting abnormal interactions such as account takeovers, malware, or remote access attacks.


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