Fraud telemetry collection

3,000+ application, behavioral, device, network and transactional data signals collected from 7+ billion user sessions a month


Data @scale

The foundational element of BioCatch ConnectTM is fraud telemetry collection.

The fraud telemetry module utilizes a lightweight mobile and web SDK to continuously collect thousands of application, behavioral, device, network, and transactional signals from more than eight billion individual user sessions.

Whether the customer is using a web browser to access their finances online or directly from a banking application on the more than one billion mobile devices in the BioCatch network, data elements are collected to analyze session activity and protect them from becoming victims of fraud.



BioCatch’s privacy-by-design engineering utilizes advanced encryption and pseudo-anonymization techniques to ensure all customer data is captured and monitored in full compliance with GDPR and other global, regional, and local privacy requirements. All of the information a financial institution is willing to share is pseudo-anonymized, protecting the privacy of its customers while enabling data elements to be used for ConnectTM analysis.

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