About biocatch

Redefining Digital Identity Verification.

BioCatch Empowers Banks and Enterprises to Provide Online Experiences that People Trust

Using breakthroughs in machine learning and data science, our behavioral biometric technology analyzes human-device interaction to distinguish verified users from fraudsters.

By linking digital identity to behavior, our verification methods rely on a marker that can’t be stolen or replicated— unlike common passwords and security questions. Understanding a user’s unique behavior allows us to detect fraudulent applications and account takeover techniques including malware, bots, social engineering, and remote access attacks. Our multi-patented solution has been deployed at major financial institutions and enterprises around the world, covering tens of millions of users and their daily online interactions.

Traditional authentication measures like passwords and 2FA rely on stagnant and unreliable data, resulting in false positives and extra steps that leave legitimate users frustrated. Our platform delivers continuous online and mobile identity protection while keeping the user experience intact. Our behavioral biometric technology runs silently in the background, keeping sessions secure and eliminating unnecessary disruptions.

The BioCatch concept was born during co-founder Avi Turgeman’s time in military intelligence pursuing a theory that people interact with machines in unique, measurable ways. In 2011, Turgeman co-founded the company with Benny Rosenbaum with the aim of addressing the next generation of cyber threats.

Today, BioCatch is committed to changing how the digital world thinks about identity, and giving users a better experience while ensuring their protection online.

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