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Why BioCatch

The difference is human

At BioCatch, we believe customers are an important part of the solution. We believe getting to know them, their idiosyncrasies, their digital habits – the when, how, where, and why they bank – is all part of their unique journey and relationship with your brand. Customers do not have to be the weak link in your fraud prevention and anti-money laundering strategy.

In partnership with our 100+ customers, we have proven that if we pay close attention to the behavior and intent behind the biometrics, device, geo-location, and other machine-created signals, we can empower you to deliver your customers a seamless digital banking experience free from fraud
and safe from criminals.

And for you and your fraud, AML, and cyber security teams, we deliver meaningful reduction in fraud, ease the burden on your operations teams, and proactively identify bad actors and accounts while connecting you to the most curious, experienced, and thoughtful community of Fraud Fighters on the planet.


Our approach

We believe that the applications for behavioral data are broad, powerful, and unique, and we are constantly innovating to solve new and emerging challenges. Behavior is the only true signal of human intent, and the only signal capable of providing actionable intelligence throughout the entire digital customer journey – from customer onboarding through to login and post-login flows.

If you understand the human-side of the customer, and celebrate what makes them unique, you can protect them from even the most sophisticated kinds of fraud – such as social engineering scams – all while delivering a simple, private, and personalized experience. The science behind this approach is what powers our Continuous Behavioral Sequencing (CBS) technology.


Our solutions

BioCatch ConnectTM is a collection of our patented machine-learning, behavioral science, and advanced visualization technologies, combined with more than 500 years of fraud practitioner experience amongst our subject matter experts, that today delivers an expansive set of unique fraud and AML solutions with more on the horizon.

Whether it's new account fraud, the ever-evolving universe of scams, or the multi-faceted network of money laundering syndicates, we are focused on helping you protect your customers, their financial assets, and your brand reputation.

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Our scale

With models trained over a decade against data shared across the largest banks in the world, we are the most scaled fraud intelligence provider. We protect >8 billion sessions per month, >1.8 billion devices, and nearly half a billion users. We are deployed at scale at >25 of the world’s largest banks. We have optimized our architecture to enable us to continuously collect, analyze, and deliver insights on >3,000 user signals in milliseconds during a live session.

Our 100+ strong customer base spans over 20 countries, and our models learn continuously, empowering you to keep your customers protected as fraud moves rapidly across the globe.

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Our people
We are a data science company powered by incredible people who fuel our passion for helping you keep your customers safe from fraud. Our team brings fraud, AML, and cyber practitioner experience from more than 50 of the world’s largest financial institutions and spans more than 22 time zones. Our unique, holistic service and support model provides each of our 100+ customers with a team of threat analysts, global advisors, and solution engineers to ensure rapid time to value, decreased fraud incidents, and a better customer experience across all of your brand’s products.

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are saying

More than 100 of the world’s largest banks and financial institutions trust us to help keep their customers’ financial assets safe and secure from fraud. Hear what our customers have to say about our patented, behavior-centric approach to detecting fraud, money laundering, and cyber threats.
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The visibility we get into the data by leveraging BioCatch ConnectTM  enables our fraud teams to swiftly address complex fraud attacks and reduce manual reviews, giving our customers better protection and an improved experience.

Aaron Steinitz
Director of Enterprise Fraud Policy and Governance, M&T
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At Onbe, we’re working to provide the latest tools to protect users and combat fraud today and tomorrow. With OnbeGuard’s integration of BioCatch, we continue our work to calibrate our model-based anti-fraud offerings that prevent fraud, reduce escalations, and protect disbursement funds while elevating satisfaction for both the payees and our clients.

Melissa Hentschel
Chief Delivery Officer, Onbe

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