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BioCatch Account Takeover Protection generates advanced behavioral insights to provide you with the continuous monitoring you need to detect more fraud, increase customer trust, and reduce false positives.

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Account Takeover Fraud In Numbers



Total losses attributed to account takeover fraud in 2021 in the U.S.



Total estimated losses attributed to authorized push payment fraud in 2021 in the UK


Percent of consumers who were the victim of account takeover in the last two years


Percent of global financial institutions that cite account takeover fraud as leading cause of concern

LATAM Bank Uses Behavioral Biometrics to Fight Account Takeover Fraud

Banorte doubled the number of digital banking customers during the pandemic which was a dream for digital business leaders. The problem was fraudsters also joined the migration to their digital platforms. Hear more from Rafael Fragoso, Director of Mobile Banking, Banorte on how they worked with BioCatch to meet the needs of their customers, mitigate risk from account takeover fraud and reduce false positives.


Protect Customers From Real-Time Social Engineering Scams

Criminals excel at connecting to the human element, and a large amount of time in scam scenarios is spent setting the scene with potential victims. Real-time social engineering scams often occur over the phone and remain among the most difficult forms of account takeover to detect because the user is on their own device, present in a known location, and able to pass all forms of multi-factor authentication if needed. There are very clear patterns associated with genuine and fraudulent activity.

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Detect Mule Accounts Early to Reduce Risk Exposure

Mule accounts play a pivotal role in determining the success of an account takeover attempt. If criminals do not have a mule account to send the cash from a fraudulent transaction or payment, they will not achieve their goal. Not every mule account is equal and understanding how they operate requires a deep understanding of digital behavior and account patterns. Behavioral biometrics unwraps the complexity to help financial institutions identify mule accounts earlier and reduce operational costs and risk exposure downstream.

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