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BioCatch Account Takeover Protection generates advanced behavioral insights to provide you with the continuous, real-time visibility you need to detect more fraud, increase trust, and improve customer experience in your digital channels.

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Account Takeover Fraud In Numbers



Total losses attributed to account takeover fraud in 2020 in the U.S.



Total losses attributed to authorized push payment fraud in 2020 in the UK


Percent of consumers who were the victim of account takeover in the last two years


Global average loss per incident of business wire transfer fraud

How to Build Trust and Safety into your Digital Channels

BioCatch risk models leverage innovative research and a decade of data to analyze a user’s physical and cognitive digital behavior and continuously monitor web and mobile sessions to distinguish between genuine users and criminals, whether human or automated attacks such as bots, malware, or Remote Access Tools (RAT).

By profiling user behaviors such as mouse movements, typing cadence, swipe patterns or device orientation, the BioCatch platform identifies statistically observed norms for “good” and “bad” behavior. Powered by machine learning, the platform authenticates users against their historical profiles and generates a risk score so you can determine the appropriate course of action.

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5 Things Fueling Account Takeover

Several modes of operation are used by cybercriminals to successfully commit account takeover fraud, including automated credential stuffing, malware, and remote access tool attacks. Gain insight into what is fueling the growth in account takeover attacks, what traditional fraud prevention tools are missing, and new strategies and approaches to fight back.


Five Things Fueling ATO Fraud Ebook


Expose Account Takeover Fraud With Behavioral Biometrics

BioCatch exposes a broad range of account takeover threats that bypass traditional fraud prevention and authentication defenses.


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    Manual Account Takeover
    Detect cases of stolen account credentials that are used to gain unauthorized access to user accounts through manual login requests.

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    Automated Attacks
    Detect behaviors that indicate bots or other automated tools.

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    Financial Malware
    Identify behaviors, such as disruptions in hand-eye coordination and scrolling patterns, that are associated with financial malware.

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    Remote Access Tools (RAT)
    Uncover behavior patterns that indicate the use of Remote Access Tools used in malware and social engineering scams.

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    Phishing Site Detection
    Get real-time phishing site alerts and scheduled victim reports that let you know which of your customers have been compromised.

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