BioCatch analyzes human-device interactions to protect users and data. Focusing on preventing fraud while providing online and mobile users with a frictionless experience, BioCatch develops behavioral biometric profiles of online users to recognize fraudsters, malware, remote access Trojans (RATs) and other cybersecurity threats.


An Unobtrusive Cybersecurity Solution

This cloud-based solution proactively detects human and non-human behavioral anomalies to validate identities and identify new account fraud, account takeover, and account or license sharing.

BioCatch selects 20 unique features from its 500+ patented behavioral profiling metrics to authenticate a user — without any disruption in the user’s experience. If users don’t know they are being tested, cybercriminals can’t replicate the authenticated behaviors.

Going beyond standard protocols for identifying an authentic user or detecting malware, bot or RAT activity, behavioral biometrics is a powerful holistic approach to cybersecurity, providing strong authentication while minimizing false alarms.


How does Behavioral Biometric Profiling Work?

BioCatch behavioral profiles are based on:

  • Cognitive traits typical of eye-hand coordination, behavior patterns in applications, usage preferences, device interaction patterns, and responsiveness to BioCatch’s frictionless, patented Invisible Challenges™ technology.
  • Physiological measures such as left/right handedness, press-size, hand tremor, arm size, and muscle usage.
  • Contextual factors including device ID, network, geolocation, transaction and navigation behaviors.

BioCatch also detects non-human threats by:

  • Identifying subtle differences between remote and direct users.
  • Continuously learning unique signatures of malware attacks.
  • Tracking and challenging users (authorized and not) based on behaviors in specific applications.
  • Addressing social engineering fraud while still providing users with a frictionless experience.

The BioCatch Platform boosts real-time capabilities with advanced modules:

Continuous Authentication

Continuous monitoring of sessions for fraud and other behavioral anomalies to return a risk score that enables real-time action such as requiring additional verification.

BOT/Aggregator Detection

Identification of non-human behavior and fraudulent access with stolen credentials offering real-time detection and active protection from the ever-evolving range of cyber threats.

Malware and RAT Detection

Addressing authentication, malware and social engineering, BioCatch detects account takeover and automated fraud by modeling different types of genuine and malicious behavior.

Analyst Station

Fraud teams gain real-time behavioral insights from the BioCatch web portal providing visual analytics and insight into trends while enabling rule setting, alert notifications and real-time, reliable fraud reporting.


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