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No industry is safe from cyber threats, and financial sectors are affected to a higher degree. According to the Ponemon Institute, there were 138 successful cyber attacks on the business sector on average, every week, in 2015. That’s an increase of 176% from 50 weekly attacks in 2010. Annualized losses to cyber crime are increasing dramatically as well.

Our cutting-edge system, which analyzes human and non-human behavior throughout an online session, allows organizers to authenticate users and detect threats in real-time. The Analyst Station web portal provides a running view of all sessions and their risk scores, and provides a powerful, visual picture of session activity, including all types of remote access takeovers and Trojans, malware and other behavioral anomalies which are indicative of fraud. Empowered with real-time reporting and alert notifications, fraud departments can better detect, protect against, and act in the face of cyber threats.

  • 230,000 new malware samples launched each day
  • 59% people share access credentials
  • 466,065 unique phishing sites observed in Q2 2016, an all-time high
  • 68% of funds lost to cyberattacks were declared unrecoverable


Key Benefits

Actionable. Using machine learning to model behaviors, our solution tracks online actions — genuine or fake — in real-time. Quickly identifying anomalies and characteristics indicative of fraud, BioCatch sends actionable alerts that are used to prevent suspect activity. The Analyst Station gives a visualization of the session activity to aid investigators and call center operators information on how to respond.

Accurate. The solution employs a two-pronged approach to preventing fraud. Its behavioral biometrics technology uses more than 500 parameters to establish a user profile that is coupled with Invisible Challenges™ to elicit a subconscious user response. On the other hand, the platform is able to detect robotic activity, RATs, malware and other non-human intrusions. This results in an extremely accurate result that generates a very low false alarm rate. The Analyst Station provides a visualization of the suspicious activity so an operator can view the user’s normal behavior and the anomaly that generated a high risk score. All type of anomalies can be viewed in the Analyst Station.

High ROI. Aided by real-time alerts and the visual analysis tools in the Analyst Station, fraud investigators can see a drop in false alarms and increased asset protection. Integration is simple and easy, and results are instantaneous. The Analyst Station gives investigators the information they need to quickly escalate or close cases while the actual fraud is stopped.

Easy Integration. Employing the BioCatch platform only requires embedding a small JavaScript on the online web site.


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