Reduce new account fraud and losses related to false declines and cart abandonments.

Across eCommerce or mCommerce environments there are many vulnerabilities from merchant, PSPs, gateways, processors, card associations, issuers, and acquirers all active in an inefficient ecosystem. This leads to fraud solutions that can, in fact, lose money due to false declines and cart abandonment. According to Mastercard, the decline rate on digital purchases reaches 50 percent in some parts of the world.

At the same time, new account fraud incident rates are also jumping dramatically. BioCatch’s behavioral biometrics platform provides the payment industry with a frictionless way to identify human and non-human behaviors to reduce false alarms while detecting and preventing fraud.


Why choose BioCatch?

  • Domain expertise - Deployments at major banks around the world that cover tens of millions of users to date.
  • Unparalleled patent portfolio - BioCatch’s 500+ patented behavioral profiling metrics authenticate users without disrupting experience.
  • Dynamic, enterprise-grade solution - BioCatch brings a partnership approach to implementations of its superior technology.


BioCatch Solutions for Payments:

New Account Fraud: 

Spot criminal behaviors in the application flow, even if the access is from a new device/IP, while detecting machine/bot activity and lowering manual reviews without deterring legitimate new customers.

Account Takeover:

Detect machine/bot activity, targeted malware, spoofing, and other fraudulent activity before the damage is done by modeling different types of genuine and malicious behavior and enabling real-time action. 

Account Sharing:

BioCatch continuously identifies licensed software users or individualizes learning management system participants to protect assets and secure platform credibility.

Identity Validation:

Efficiently and transparently verifying legitimate users so organization can focus its efforts instead on detecting abnormal interactions such as account takeovers, malware, or remote access attacks.



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