Detect license abuse without disrupting user experience.

Software vendors currently have limited visibility into how their products are being used. Access credential sharing is on the rise (at 59% in the US, according to a 2015 Centrify report). Vendors also face serious threats from counterfeiting, piracy, grey manufacturing, data theft and more. At the same time, licensing model changes necessitate better control of software access. How are software vendors suppose to detect agreement violators and fraud in real-time? By using BioCatch's behavioral biometrics to software monetize.

The behavioral biometrics platform provides a powerful, holistic approach to cybersecurity. Offering strong, continuous user authentication, BioCatch analyzes human and non-human behaviors to identify anomalies and detect license abuse without disrupting user experience.


Partner with an industry leader to ensure growth by minimizing revenue losses associated with account sharing.

BioCatch enables software vendors to minimize losses related to account sharing through its unique metrics taken during the application process. Once implemented software vendors are able to continuously identify licensed users and get real-time alerts when multiple users are accessing an account. Learn more about account sharing.


Why choose BioCatch?

  • Domain expertise. Deployments at major banks around the world that cover tens of millions of users to date.
  • Unparalleled patent portfolio. BioCatch’s 500+ patented behavioral profiling metrics authenticate users without disrupting experience.
  • Dynamic, enterprise-grade solution. BioCatch brings a partnership approach to implementations of its superior technology. 


How do you detect criminal activity with behavioral biometrics?

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Protect Online Banking from RAT Attacks  

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