Protecting online identity, from proofing through authentication to address next generation cyberthreats.

Holistic, Modular Approach

Focusing on preventing fraud while providing online and mobile users with a frictionless experience, the BioCatch platform develops behavioral biometric profiles of online users to recognize a wide range of human and non-human - malware, remote access Trojans (RATs), robotic activity - cybersecurity threats. 

The BioCatch Behavioral Biometrics Platform has four key use cases:


Identity Proofing

Analyzes multiple dimensions of how information is entered, such as application fluency, navigational fluency and data familiarity, to detect the use of stolen or synthetic identities in filling out online applications.


Continuous Authentication

BioCatch selects 20 unique features from its 2000+ patented behavioral profiling metrics to analyze a user's behavior throughout a session, without any disruption in the digital experience. BioCatch compares the user behavior in real-time against the profile to return an actionable risk score. 


Account Takeover Fraud Prevention

The Fraud Prevention Module goes beyond traditional solutions, circumventing the need to maintain malware or bot libraries or rely on known device IDs or IP addresses to catch fraud. The Invisible Challenges approach can identify MitB, device spoofing and RAT-in-the-Browser, providing real-time fraud alerts and minimizing false alarms.


Vishing Scams

Vishing is a voice-based social engineering scam. Fraudsters call victims and impersonate bank representatives or other officials, such as the police, to trick victims into transferring funds to a fraudster’s account. BioCatch's platform can detect subtle behavioral changes that suggest a victim is being unwittingly guided through a fraudulent money transfer. 
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