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As digital transformation takes hold across the board, BioCatch AI-driven behavioral biometrics is helping to pave the way with increased trust and usability across a wide range of consumer-facing web and mobile apps. 

Seamless and Secure Online Experiences Begin With BioCatch

As more and more functions move to the digital channel, addressing cyber risk is key to doing business online and providing good customer service. Fraudsters threaten online trading, e-commerce, and e-learning industries as well as government and enterprises as a whole, while customers demand convenience, security and trust all in one platform. No industry is immune. 

Going beyond standard protocols for identifying an authentic user or detecting malware, bot or RAT activity, BioCatch's patented behavioral biometrics provides a powerful holistic approach to balancing the need for both security and convenience. The technology analyzes 2,000 parameters of human-device interactions to generate powerful insights in real-time that support many use cases. Focusing on preventing fraud while providing online and mobile users with a frictionless experience, BioCatch develops behavioral biometric profiles of online users to address today's digital identity challenges.

Why Choose BioCatch?

  • Proven ROI. Deployments with tier one enterprises around the world cover 90 million users with 10-15x return on investment.
  • Commitment to continued innovation. Our broad patent portfolio - more than 60 patents granted or pending - drives differentiation and technological leadership in dealing with today’s changing digital identity landscape. 
  • Support for the entire digital identity lifecycle. BioCatch’s 2,000+ behavioral profiling metrics generates powerful insights that can be applied to identity proofing, continuous authentication, preventing account takeover fraud and more. We provide identity verification for legitimate users and detect a full range of human as well as non-human (RAT, malware, aggregator, robotic activity) cybersecurity threats to keep ahead of the fraudsters and change the rules of the game.

Use Cases


Account Opening Protection

BioCatch analyzes a user's physical and cognitive digital behaviors to generate insights that distinguish between legitimate applicants and cybercriminals.


Account Takeover Protection

BioCatch detects behavioral anomalies indicative of human and non-human cyberthreats such as Remote Access Tools attacks, Bots, malware and manual account takeover methods.


Social Engineering Scam Detection

BioCatch detects subtle behavioral indicators that suggest a victim is being unwittingly guided through a fraudulent money transfer.

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