Biocatch for banking

Today's leading corporate, retail and wealth management banks choose BioCatch to prevent new account opening fraud and account takeover fraud - all without generating false positives that sever the customer experience and overwhelm call centers. Here's why.

Winning Digital Banking Strategies Include BioCatch

Digital transformation in banking is rapidly evolving. In this fast-moving environment, where finance and fraud intersect, there are several ramifications for financial institutions that are trying to balance security, compliance and the desire for minimum friction.

The equation is quite simple: where there is money, there is fraud. Traditional means of detecting fraud are not keeping up with cybercriminals, who employ malware, Remote Access Trojans and sophisticated social engineering schemes. Yet improving the customer experience and building trust is a high priority for banks looking to build loyalty and customer satisfaction. With less friction and less fraud, BioCatch delivers significant return on investment, making us the choice for today's leading financial brands.

Why Choose BioCatch?

  • Proven ROI. Deployments with tier one financial institutions around the world cover 90 million users with 10x-15x return on investment.
  • Commitment to continued innovation. Our broad patent portfolio - including more than 60 patents granted or pending - drives differentiation and technological leadership in dealing with today’s changing digital identity landscape. 
  • Support for the entire digital identity life cycle. BioCatch’s 2000+ behavioral profiling metrics generate powerful insights that can be applied to identity proofing, continuous authentication, account takeover fraud prevention and more. We provide identity verification for legitimate users and detect a full range of human as well as non-human (RAT, malware, aggregator, robotic activity) cybersecurity threats to keep ahead of the fraudsters and change the rules of the game.

Use Cases


Identity Proofing

Prevent the use of stolen or synthetic identities in the application process through the use of advanced capabilities, like understanding navigational fluency, application fluency and data familiarity, even when no user profile exists.

Account Takeover Fraud

Detect social engineering, bot activity, targeted malware, spoofing and other fraudulent behaviors before the damage is done by modeling different types of genuine and malicious behavior and enabling real-time action.


Social Engineering Scams

BioCatch detects subtle behavioral changes that suggest a victim is being unwittingly guided through a fraudulent money transfer.