Biocatch for banking

Eliminating the trade-off between security and experience in driving digital transformation.

Securing the Digital Channel

Digital transformation in banking and retail is rapidly evolving. In this fast-moving environment, where finance and fraud intersect, there are several ramifications for financial institutions and user experience.

The equation is quite simple: where there is money, there is fraud. As the use of digital banking channels grow, so do the threats of hacks, malware and other remote attacks. Traditional means of detecting fraud can take considerable time and resources, sometimes taking weeks to detect or to confirm an incident.

In the digital world, this is much too long. Transactions need to occur quickly, and any delay can have significant repercussions, both from a consumer confidence perspective and a cost perspective. In the digital world, it seems there is always a choice to make between security and the user experience.

Why Choose BioCatch?

  • Domain expertise. Deployments at major enterprises around the world that cover 90 million users to date.
  • Unparalleled patent portfolio. BioCatch’s 2000+ behavioral profiling metrics authenticate users without disrupting the user experience. The broad patent portfolio drives differentiation and technological leadership in dealing with today’s challenging cybersecurity environment.
  • Dynamic, enterprise-grade solution. The BioCatch addresses a full range of human as well as non-human (RAT, malware, aggregator, robotic activity) cybersecurity threats to keep ahead of the fraudsters and change the rules of the game.



Identity Proofing

Prevent the use of stolen or synthetic identities in the application process through the use of advanced capabilities, like understanding navigational fluency, application fluency and data familiarity, even when no user profile exists.

Continuous Authentication

Efficiently and transparently authenticate legitimate users based on a dynamic behavioral profile, injecting Invisible Challenges to ensure session integrity post-login.

Fraud Prevention

Detect social engineering, bot activity, targeted malware, spoofing, and other fraudulent behaviors before the damage is done by modeling different types of genuine and malicious behavior and enabling real-time action.

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