Detect Advanced Social Engineering Scams

BioCatch analyzes user behavior in real-time to detect when an individual is conducting a transaction under the influence of a cybercriminal, helping banks to protect customers from voice scams and authorized push payment  fraud.

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Social Engineering Voice Scams In Numbers

Understanding Social Engineering Voice Scams

Social engineering scams using the phone, also known as voice scams or authorized push payment (APP) fraud, are one of the most prevalent forms of account takeover fraud.

Voice scams are very simple to execute, but difficult to detect. The challenge is that the user is on their own device, present in a recognized location, and able to pass all forms of multi-factor authentication if needed. So how can you detect a voice scam in progress?



Anatomy of a Social Engineering Voice Scam



BioCatch Delivers Social Engineering Scam Detection to Help Your Organization:

Behavior as the Window into a Scam-in-Progress

To detect a voice scam, it is critical to continually monitor a session to reveal subtle changes in user behavior. BioCatch’s solution analyzes more than 2,000 behavioral parameters and generates powerful insights that are used for detecting and preventing fraud. Among these insights are indicators that suggest a person is conducting a transaction under the influence of a cybercriminal.

Behavior suggests this user is being actively socially engineered


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