BioCatch recognizes subtle deviations in a normal user's behavior and generates real-time alerts to passively detect when a person is conducting a transaction under the influence of a fraudster.

Detecting When a Person Is Under the Influence of a Fraudster Requires Deep Domain Expertise. BioCatch Delivers.

Social engineering scam is one of the hardest types of fraud attacks to detect because it essentially involves a person defrauding him or herself while under the influence of a con artist. Traditional fraud detection measures do not work in this instance – a legitimate person logs in from their own device at the correct location and conducts a fully-authorized transfer.

By leveraging advanced data science and AI techniques, BioCatch’s solution analyzes more than 2,000 behavioral parameters and generates powerful insights that are used for validating a user’s identity and detecting fraud. Among these insights are indicators that suggest a person is conducting a transaction under the influence of a fraudster. By flagging this in real-time, banks are able to prevent significant losses and better protect their clients and assets.

How Does BioCatch Detect Social Engineering Scams?

  • Detects behaviors that suggest a person is taking instruction to conduct a transaction
  • Analyzes the prevalence of known risky behaviors in confirmed fraudulent sessions versus how legitimate transactions are handled
  • Flags suspicious transactions and generates VoiceScam indicators in real-time

Benefits of the BioCatch Solution


Works passively in the background


Introduces no change in the user journey


Is not reliant on standard authentication or fraud detection models

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