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In today’s marketplace, one of the key aspects that differentiates BioCatch in behavioral biometrics is its strong patent portfolio. BioCatch has a group of patents that pertain to a cutting-edge capability called Invisible Challenges. These are patented techniques that introduce subtle tests into the online session that users subconsciously respond to without sensing any change in their experience. The response contains behavioral data that is used to distinguish a real user from an imposter, whether human or non-human (robotic activity, malware, aggregator, etc.).

The following are some examples of Invisible Challenges. Note that this list is partial and does not represent the full range of Invisible Challenges that may be employed during a session:

  • Disappearing Mouse: In this challenge, the mouse cursor is hidden for a split of a second, unconsciously “forcing” the user to make various mouse movements, which allow BioCatch to capture adequate data from the user in 500 milliseconds. This makes it useful for detecting anomalies in user behavior and capturing unique behavioral patterns in real-time.
  • Rotation of Movement: In this challenge, we introduce a slight deviation in the mouse movement which is imperceptible by the user. Due to hand-eye coordination and the way humans process visual input, the user compensates by making minor corrections in the cursor path to reach the target. Since every person responds differently to this challenge, BioCatch can capture unique behavioral patterns, detecting anomalies and suspicious robotic activity.
  • Spinning Wheel: This challenge introduces a fluctuation in the way the selection wheel spins. The spinning selection wheel is a common user interaction element in mobile devices (e.g, iPhone) used when entering information such as dates, time, numbers and more. BioCatch collects passive data related to the wheel (speed, stopping strategy, corrections towards the end), but also introduces subtle fluctuations that help us see how the user subconsciously reacts.
Invisible Challenges can help overcome many of the challenges that traditional behavioral and fraud prevention approaches do not address:


Device Spoofing


Replay Attacks

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