These patented, breakthrough techniques elevate behavioral biometrics to another level, creating resilience to cyberattacks, while enabling seamless and passive authentication that is so crucial to the online experience today.

The Only Seamless Way to Enable The Good Guys While Keeping the Bad Ones Out

Among BioCatch’s unprecedented intellectual property portfolio is a group of patents that pertain to a cutting-edge capability called Invisible Challenges™. These patented techniques introduce subtle tests into the online session that users subconsciously respond to without sensing any change in their experience. The responses contain behavioral data that is used to distinguish a real user from an imposter, whether human or non-human (robotic activity, malware, aggregator, etc.). 

Examples of Invisible Challenges include:

  • Disappearing Mouse: In this challenge, the mouse cursor is hidden for a moment, making it seem that the online application is frozen, which causes people to intuitively react and try to restart.
  • Dragging Mouse: In this challenge, a slight deviation in the mouse movement is injected into the session, causing the user to compensate to get the cursor to move to the intended place on the screen.
  • Spinning Wheel: This challenge makes the selection wheel move faster or slower than normal, causing the user to compensate to land on the correct data element (month, day, year, country, etc.).

With all these patented challenges, each person will have a different response, while malware and bots will not be able to react by definition and a remote access attack will reveal two responses, making Invisible Challenges resilient to replay attacks and other weakness of traditional fraud prevention approaches.