Implementing BioCatch on your website or mobile application is easy, with continuous behavioral data collection giving way to real-time risk scores and behavioral insights.

Add BioCatch to Your Web and Mobile Apps and Create a World of Seamless and Secure Online Experiences

The BioCatch platform is made up of several easy to implement components that enable behavioral data collection from web and mobile browsers and applications. The platform also generates calls, allowing organizations to receive BioCatch risk scores and behavioral insights in real-time. The front-end Analyst Station provides off-line analysis of user sessions as well as the capability to generate reports, conduct queries and more. The Rule Manager takes the BioCatch platform beyond simply a providing a risk-score, offering fraud operations teams the flexibility to establish actions that should occur if the user behavior inside a session triggers a predefined condition.

Deploying BioCatch’s behavioral biometrics technology is easy, only requiring companies to add a simple piece of code to their mobile app or website. Our cloud-based platform can be live in a short time, and we use advanced cybersecurity tools during onboarding to ensure implementation is secure.

When deploying BioCatch, companies can expect:

  • Effortless implementation
  • Web and mobile integrations that feed into existing rule engines
  • No impact on web or mobile speed or performance
  • Ongoing training and support
  • Thorough documentation, including code samples
  • Real-time risk scores, behavioral insights/top indicators and customizable alerts

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