Digital transformation is hitting all industries, and BioCatch is supporting these initiatives with stronger security and enhanced usability on web and on mobile. Learn about our behavioral biometrics solutions for banking, insurance, payments and more.

Tailored Solutions 

Digital transformation is hitting all industries. BioCatch supports your initiatives with our AI-driven behavioral biometrics platform. Whether for banking, insurance, payments or other enterprises, BioCatch provides enhanced security and online experiences on both mobile and web. From identity proofing and continuous authentication to preventing account takeover fraud and detecting social engineering scams in real-time, we’re the leaders in frictionless authentication across the digital lifecycle.

BioCatch technology is ubiquitous, invisible and works in the background to proactively detect human and non-human behavioral anomalies in an online session without disrupting the user experience. But the real reason tier one financial institutions and global enterprises put their trust in us? Our patented behavioral collection and processing techniques coupled with a scalable cloud-based architecture generate 10x-15x return on investment, according to our customer provided estimates.



BioCatch for Banking

BioCatch helps corporate, retail and wealth management banks prevent new account opening fraud and account takeover fraud without generating false positives that sever the customer experience and overwhelm call centers. Our technology identifies the latest cyberthreats in real-time, including malware, bots, Remote Access Trojans and other social engineering scams.


BioCatch for Payments

Faster payment schemes and P2P payment platforms are subject to unique challenges around digital onboarding, strong authentication and vulnerabilities on the mobile channel. BioCatch closes the gap, preventing fraudsters from using stolen or synthetic identities to create new accounts or apply for credit cards. We quickly and seamlessly validate user identity for a transaction, limiting unnecessary friction and step-ups.


BioCatch for Insurance

BioCatch is helping to drive the future of the insurance industry, transforming the application and enrollment process for new policies with higher customer acquisition rates and less fraud. Our cutting-edge behavioral biometrics technology also helps to prevent account takeover fraud in submitting claims, enhancing customer relationships and boosting growth.


Other Industries

Managing digital identity is central to almost every industry and business today, including e-government, online trading, gaming, enterprise, e-commerce, e-learning and more. Everywhere we look, customers demand frictionless authentication and secure online experiences. At the same time, fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated and readily circumvent traditional means of security and identity verification. BioCatch technology is the solution for increased trust and usability across consumer facing web and mobile apps.

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