Breaking down the
misled mule 

The misled mule is someone who has been deceived or tricked into laundering money. Mule Account Detection addresses this use case by detecting changes in transaction amounts, velocity, and replacement behavior.

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Stopping good
faith fraud

The misled mule has zero criminal intent but still adds to the growing money laundering problem that banks and FIs are facing. This person is a genuine customer of a financial institution and receives, deposits, or transfers money under good faith that the activity is normal and legal. For example, the misled mule may be involved in an organization such as a charity, small business, or religious group that is laundering money behind the scenes. In this case, the customer may regularly participate in money laundering activities with their personal accounts without knowing all the details. This persona is difficult to detect with standard methods, as the account and account holder are genuine and display common behavior. However, Mule Account Detection can detect this persona by observing changes in payment amounts, velocity, and data familiarity.

By detecting this persona, banks and financial institutions can protect their customers, reduce investigation time, and protect their businesses. Click here to learn more about how Mule Account Detection is leading the fight against money laundering operations.

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Additional fraud + AML 
use cases (FRAML)

The account peddler

The buying and selling of established bank accounts is a common tactic for money laundering teams. Learn more about how the BioCatch models use machine learning to detect new user behavior on existing accounts.

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The accomplice

Catching the accomplice decreases illegal operations and reduces criminal growth. Learn more about how BioCatch detects willing participants and prevents converted accounts from laundering money.

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Identity theft

Early detection is critical when preventing money laundering activity. Learn more about how BioCatch protects against new account fraud and proactively prevents money laundering criminals from infiltrating financial institutions.  

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Credential stuffing

Detecting credential theft and account break ins can prevent the use of victim accounts for money laundering purposes. Learn more about how BioCatch uses behavioral intelligence to increase customer protection while reducing risk and friction.

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