Breaking down the accomplice

The accomplice is a willing participant in a money laundering operation. This persona voluntarily executes multiple transfers from their existing accounts. Mule Account Detection addresses this use case by detecting new, suspicious behavior from existing accounts, as well as altered transaction amounts and velocity.

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Preventing criminal growth

The recruiting tactics used by criminals to grow a money laundering operation are simple yet very effective. They offer easy money opportunities to attract these accomplices. These converted accounts have the same user, devices, and history, which allows them to go undetected with standard investigation methods and fraud prevention technology. BioCatch’s models observe data familiarity, behavioral anomalies, and activity trend changes to detect the subtle behavioral changes in the accomplice. This Behavioral Biometric intelligence from Mule Account Detection detects these high-risk accounts to proactively prevent them from transacting laundered funds.

By detecting this persona, banks and financial institutions can prevent genuine customers from using their accounts for illegal purposes. Click here to learn more about this persona and how Mule Account Detection can stop willing accomplices in their tracks.

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Additional fraud + AML 
use cases (FRAML)

The account peddler

The buying and selling of established bank accounts is a common tactic for money laundering teams. Learn more about how the BioCatch models use machine learning to detect new user behavior on existing accounts.

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The misled mule

Mitigating misled mules can protect financial institutions and their customers from unknowingly breaking the law. Learn more about how BioCatch identifies activity trend changes from genuine users to stop involuntary money laundering activity.

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Identity Theft

Early detection is critical when preventing money laundering activity. Learn more about how BioCatch protects against new account fraud and proactively prevents money laundering criminals from infiltrating financial institutions.  

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Credential Stuffing

Detecting credential theft and account break ins can prevent the use of victim accounts for money laundering purposes. Learn more about how BioCatch uses behavioral intelligence to increase customer protection while reducing risk and friction.

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