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BioCatch Obtains 39th US Patent, for Authenticating Users of Mobile Devices Based on Screen Pressure, Adding to Its Industry-Leading IP Portfolio

NEW YORK & TEL AVIV, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mar 5, 2019--BioCatch, the global leader in behavioral biometrics, today announced that it has received its 39 th US Patent, covering its methods of determining or estimating a level of force or pressure that is applied by a user to a touch surface of an electronic device or an electronic system. The now-patented methods of user authentication allow BioCatch to extend its pioneering work in behavioral biometrics and artificial intelligence to automatically differentiate between a legitimate user and a cyber-attacker. The patent, granted on February 5, 2019, protects the company’s method of mobile data collection and analysis from being copied by competitors. In addition to the 39 patents already granted to BioCatch by the USPTO, the company has an additional 25 patent applications awaiting the office’s determination.

Avi Turgeman, Founder, CTO & Vice President of Business Development at BioCatch, said: “The company’s IP portfolio is far and away the most robust amongst the behavioral biometrics players. Our patent work began in 2010, at a time when others in the security industry were just becoming aware of threats like Remote Access Attacks (RATs), Man-in-the-Browser (MitB) Trojans, and so forth. This enormous head start means that current and potential competitors need to find other ways of accomplishing what BioCatch offers or run the risk of infringement.”

Recently named to the CB Insights AI-100 List for 2019, BioCatch ranked 3 rd among all of the companies on the list for the number of patent applications, which CB Insights cites as a “measure of a company’s R&D focus.” According to the research firm, the AI 100 is a list of “the most promising private companies providing hardware and data infrastructure for AI applications, optimizing machine learning workflows, and applying AI across a variety of major industries.” The CB Insights research team selected 100 start-ups from a pool of more than 3,000 companies based on several factors, including patent activity, investor profile, news sentiment analysis, proprietary Mosaic scores, market potential, partnerships, competitive landscape, team strength, and tech novelty.

BioCatch Chairman & CEO Howard Edelstein said: “Patents and other types of intellectual property have long been synonymous with client and shareholder value, as a measure of a company’s commitment to continued innovation and market leadership. This is the main reason tier one banks and other global clients turn to us to help them deal with the ever-changing challenges around user authentication. As online applications rapidly evolve from desktop to mobile and behavioral biometrics takes center stage in defining digital identity, the patent granted last week gives BioCatch a significant advantage in the mobile arena and adds to our impressive overall IP portfolio.”

This patent is important because it allows for the extraction of pressure data from the mobile device without the use of additional hardware and contributes to significantly increased accuracy in determining whether someone is a legitimate user or a fraudster in an online session. The force or pressure applied by a user on a mobile device is one of approximately 2,000 behavioral parameters that are analyzed by BioCatch to establish a user profile and gain other valuable behavioral insights. Additionally, the company’s patented “Invisible Challenges” approach further helps to distinguish legitimate users from fraudsters without compromising the user experience.

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