account takeover

Identifying account takeover while remaining transparent to the user.

Tackling the Most Elusive Cyberthreat

Account fraud is driven by criminals that understand how the system works and know how to beat it. The fact is all fraud is coming from AUTHENTICATED sessions and today’s fraudsters are simply waiting in the background, for the right time to maliciously exploit someone else’s access. A new generation of techniques, including Man-in-the-Browser (MitB) attacks, data injection and manipulation, Remote Access Trojans (RAT) attacks and spoofing, are making traditional login techniques ineffective and obsolete.

Addressing authentication, malware and social engineering, our system detects account takeover and automated fraud by making a clear distinction between an authorized user’s behavior and that of an intruder, whether it is another human, or a piece of malware or robotic activity, offering real-time alerts to prevent fraud and protect assets.

What BioCatch Brings:

Applying more than 500 unique metrics to analyze behavior, BioCatch can distinguish between a legitimate user and an imposter. Our platform prevents fraud in real time by identifying threats like:

  • Credential theft — Obtaining user credentials from various sources and using varied techniques — such as email or phishing — fraudsters accesses the account from their own devices.
  • Malware — Malware can initiate various actions, such as money transfers or changing payee information, in the background while the user is logged into the online banking application.
  • Social engineering — Fraudsters gain remote control over a user’s device — using malware or having gained the unsuspecting users’ trust — and take control of the machine.
Detect machine/bot activity, targeted malware, spoofing, and other fraudulent activity before the damage is done by modeling different types of genuine and malicious behavior and employing real-time counter measures.