PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

BioCatch for SCA provides a secure and frictionless customer experience, supporting your journey to SCA compliance with confidence.

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How We Do It

Learn how BioCatch is supporting banks on their journey to meet compliance. Establish inherence for 3D Secure Strong Customer Authentication.

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Inherence for Strong Customer Authentication

BioCatch analyzes behavioral, device, and network attributes to conduct One-Time-Passcode (OTP) profiling and offers a layer of entry of familiar information to protect the Strong Customer Authentication flow under PSD2.

1. Historical Profile Analysis: Keystroke Dynamics Analysis on One Time Passcode with Device and Network data

  • Analyze physical and cognitive behaviors
  • Device and Network analysis
  • Identify anomalies and criminal behavior patterns

2. Layering Data for Enhanced Analysis

  • Perform Age Analysis to determine user’s genuine age
  • Connect to existing user behavior profiles from BioCatch solutions, such as Account Takeover Protection, expediting user profile creation
  • Cross-customer device network to leverage existing known fraud indicators

3. Enhance Confidence in Legitimate Users with Long-Term Memory field

  • Strengthens proof of inherence by evaluating muscle memory, typing off a list, hesitation, and more

Secure New Users

By adding a long-term memory field for new users with no pre-existing profiles, BioCatch can determine whether the behavior displayed belongs to a genuine user or cybercriminal by identifying patterns of knowledge with data, use of remote access tools, and other patterns correlating with “good” or “bad” resulting in lower false rejections and enhanced detection. Once profiles are created, this field can be removed to enhance customer experience.

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Accelerate Online Commerce

Even the largest businesses struggle to manage continuous technology changes, evolving financial crime, and regulatory compliance requirements. Deploying a layered approach, where automation and new technologies are used to enhance or remodel existing processes, will free staff to concentrate on adding value to accelerate online commerce and deliver the digital experiences that consumers expect.

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Align Your Payment Fraud Strategy to Digital Business Goals

While addressing compliance is a top priority, it is also important to consider long-term business requirements when creating a payment fraud strategy, specifically the need to protect revenue and the demand by customers for a frictionless digital experience. Get the latest Gartner report for tips on how to initiate internal conversations about aligning fraud management to digital business goals and learn how tools, such as behavioral biometrics, are pivotal to meet customer experience demands.


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