Reduce new account fraud and losses related to false declines and cart abandonments.

Stopping Fraud at the Source

Across eCommerce or mCommerce environments there are many vulnerabilities from merchant, PSPs, gateways, processors, card associations, issuers, and acquirers all active in an inefficient ecosystem. Most often, this begins with application fraud, where criminals use stolen or synthetic identities to obtain credit cards.

Behavioral biometrics can stop this fraud in its tracks, by recognizing the way people enter information, not simply verifying that the information entered is correct.

Down the line, incorporating behavioral biometrics for online payments and mobile commerce, delivers other benefits, including reduction of false alarms, and enabling a superior user experience. Traditional fraud prevention solutions lead to false declines and high cart abandonment. But by looking at dynamic behaviors as opposed to static parameters, a more accurate picture emerges. So whether it is capitalizing on credit card application trends online, or meeting requirements for Open Banking and PSD2, BioCatch offers a seamless, secure solution that is easy to integrate and implement.



Identity Proofing

Prevent the use of stolen or synthetic identities in the application process through the use of advanced capabilities, like understanding navigational fluency, application fluency and data familiarity, even when no user profile exists.


Continuous Authentication

Efficiently and transparently authenticate legitimate users based on a dynamic behavioral profile, injecting Invisible Challenges to ensure session integrity post-login.


Fraud Prevention

Detect social engineering, bot activity, targeted malware, spoofing, and other fraudulent behaviors before the damage is done by modeling different types of genuine and malicious behavior and enabling real-time action.

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