Gartner: Don't Treat Your Customer Like a Criminal

According to Gartner, “Consumer behavior is becoming far more fluid, spanning multiple countries, and different devices and connection methods. This is prompting higher false-positive and challenge rates from many legacy fraud detection and “advanced” authentication tools.” Yet, introducing more advanced authentication methods has often resulted in increasing customer friction rather than addressing the problem of fraud. Not to mention cybercriminals have learned ways to bypass most device and location-based authentication controls.

As more organizations rethink how they measure fraud prevention success to focus on revenue-impacting events – such as customer abandonment of applications, account enrollment or transactions – this also requires implementing new approaches that are more adaptive to minimize friction in the customer journey. After all, the goal of digital business is to not treat genuine users as criminals, but as the valued customers that they are.

Download the Gartner report, Don’t Treat Your Customer Like a Criminal, to learn:

  • Why existing authentication approaches are leading to customer frustration and increased risk
  • Recommendations for building a foundation of trust with legitimate customers
  • How technology, such as behavioral biometrics, are playing a crucial role in this transformation

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