Data sheets

Focusing on authentication and fraud prevention with minimum friction, BioCatch develops behavioral biometric solutions to recognize a wide range of human and non-human cybersecurity threats. Learn more about BioCatch capabilities with these data sheets.

Behavioral Biometrics in a P2P World

In recent years, Peer to Peer payments have shown a significant increase, passing the $120 billion mark (2017). Currently, one in three American consumers uses P2P apps to make instant payments to friends, relatives, service providers, or anyone they owe money. Since P2P account opening does not require identity verification, it is vulnerable to various types of fraud and threats including malware, social engineering, remote access, SIM swapping, call forwarding and other techniques. Using these techniques, the fraudsters are able to exploit two main points of failure:


Behavioural Biometrics in a PSD2 World

Two major implications of PSD2 are Access to Account and Strong Customer Authentication. PSD2 also requires TPPs to meet strict criteria and maintain very low fraud rates in order to stay active in the marketplace. In many ways, these requirements upend the financial ecosystem by holding various players responsible for different aspects of the payment process. This makes it difficult for all parties involved to prevent fraud and at the same time provide customers with a positive user experience.


Mitigating the Risk of Insurance Fraud with Behavioral Biometrics

The global insurance market is a multi-trillion-dollar market worth more than $4.5 trillion in gross insurance premiums (2015). In 2016, the gross insurance in premiums in the U.S reached $2.67 trillion with $1.5 trillion in paid claims.


BioCatch™ Analyst Station

The BioCatch Analyst Station is a web-based interface that displays the data for one or many sessions and provides summary reports. The portal enables the customer to easily detect and act upon possible fraudulent activity in user accounts. The BioCatch Analyst Station is used for post-session data analysis, typically at the end of each day or whenever required by the administrator.


Eliminating Fraud in Same Day Payments with Behavioral Biometrics

NACHA’s announcement of same-day ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments will benefit both businesses and consumers whose payments are eligible for same-day transaction processing. This is how BioCatch is supporting this change.


Combating Cross-Channel Fraud with Behavioral Biometrics

Cross-channel fraud is an advanced attack method in which the fraudster steals a user’s credentials and personal information from one channel, in order to commit fraud in an associated channel and/or account. BioCatch has developed effective methods to thwart these attacks.


Behavioral Biometrics for Mobile Payments

Digital transformation in banking and retail is rapidly evolving. In this fast-moving environment, where finance and fraud intersect, there are several ramifications for financial institutions and the user experience.

The equation is quite simple: where there is money, there is fraud. As the use of mobile banking grows, so do the threats of hacks, malware and other remote attacks. Traditional means of detecting fraud can take considerable time and resources, sometimes taking weeks to detect or to confirm an incident.

In the digital world - whether mobile payments, e-commerce or online banking – this is much too long. Transactions happen quickly, and any delay can have significant repercussions, both from a consumer confidence perspective and a cost perspective. In the digital world, it seems there is always a choice to make between security and the user experience.


Solution Overview

The BioCatch Behavioral Biometrics Platform boosts real-time capabilities with three advanced modules: User/Criminal Profiling, RAT and Malware Detection, and Robotic Detection, and an add-on module called the Analyst Station. This is a full breakdown on how they all work together.


Next Generation Cyber threats

Most professionals still do not acknowledge that today’s cyber threats overwhelmingly come after the login. Learn more about how BioCatch is preventing a new generation of cyber threats.


Enhance Identity Proofing with Behavioral Biometrics

New Account Fraud is usually the gateway to many other follow on crime and is a growing concern for businesses that processes transactions online. Traditional fraud prevention measures are often too little, too late, forcing banks, credit card issuers and other data brokers to look for new ways to verify identities and recognize the alarming rates of fraud that has emerged in this area.