State of Scams in Sweden 2024

The Global Anti-Scam Alliance (GASA), in collaboration with BioCatch, has recently unveiled the 2024 State of Scams in Sweden report, shedding light on concerning trends. According to the findings, Swedes have faced a staggering loss of $2.75 billion to scams within the past year alone.

Furthermore, the report underscores that 1 in 8 Swedes has fallen prey to online scams, with a concerning 45% encountering fraudulent activities at least once per month. This surge in scam incidents has resulted in a rise in losses, increasing from 0.40% to 0.50% of Sweden's GDP compared to the preceding 12 months.

Beyond statistics, the survey delves into the sentiments of Swedish consumers regarding this uptick in criminal activities. It emphasizes key areas where collective efforts, as advocates against fraud, are needed to effect meaningful change.

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