2023 Digital Banking Fraud Trends in North America

Welcome to the frontlines of combating financial fraud. BioCatch, the pioneer and global leader in behavioral biometric intelligence, brings you the latest report on digital banking fraud trends in North America. This essential read reveals the harsh reality of cybercrimes plaguing the financial industry today, with detailed analysis from BioCatch threat analysts, advisors, and a tightly integrated global network of fraud fighters.

Inside the Report:

  • Regional Fraud Dynamics: From bot attacks to voice scams, get up to date on the varied fraud approaches and trends across the US and Canada.
  • Key Fraud Trends in North America: Unpack the significant increase in mobile fraud, a concerning 61% jump from the previous year.
  • Resurgence of Check Fraud: Delve into the unexpected spike in check fraud incidents, despite the decline of check writing in the digital age.
  • In-depth Case Study: Learn how fraudsters are shifting from bots to mobile emulators to create fraudulent accounts for unemployment benefits, stimulus checks, PPP loans, and other government assistance.
  • The Crucial Role of Behavioral Biometric Intelligence: Discover how financial institutions are leveraging behavioral biometric intelligence to differentiate between genuine customers and fraudsters, offering a shield against the most cunning of attacks.

Report Highlights:

  • Mobile Banking's Double-Edged Sword: With an increase in mobile banking usage to 73%, learn about the vulnerabilities this convenience creates and the subsequent rise in mobile channel fraud.
  • Zelle® and the Fraud Equation: Understand the nuances of fraud in digital transfers and how banks are successfully reducing the risk.
  • Deep Dive into Deposit Fraud: Witness the #1 fraud type across North America, with insights into fraudulent account openings and account takeovers.

Download the report now and fortify your defenses with BioCatch's insights on the evolving world of North America’s digital banking fraud.


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