Chief Information Security Officer

The role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has transformed in recent years beyond a focus on network perimeter defense and preventing data breaches. Today, CISOs play a highly active role in fraud and financial crime management as part of a broader organizational digital risk management strategy.

The CISO Perspective

Your leadership team recently called a meeting after reading several articles that customers at competitor banks were being targeted by remote access attacks. Management had one direct question: are there sufficient controls in place to detect these attacks? While you feel your defense is strong, your customer authentication controls might not be enough as these attacks typically take place outside the bank’s applications. Your background is in network security, data loss prevention, privacy, and employee authentication. Fraud prevention is not your core expertise. You pull your fraud leaders aside to ask how well protected your customers are considering the existing technology stack. Their answer is not what you wanted to hear.


Do More with Less

You have a tremendous amount of responsibility on your plate that requires extensive time, funding, tools, technology, and human resources to address. When it comes to adding new solutions to your environment, it is mandatory that they produce visible results while complementing existing controls within your technology stack. Find out how behavioral biometrics intelligence is being used to increase the effectiveness of existing solutions within the fraud detection ecosystem.

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New Technology Investments

Too many vendors, too little time. Trying to cut through the crowded vendor landscape can be a headache, and who has time for that. Whether you are at the beginning of the procurement process or looking to validate your purchasing decision, this report will save you time trying to navigate the field of vendors offering behavioral biometrics solutions and help you make a more informed purchasing decision – minus all the noise.

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Protection on Multiple Fronts

Fraud changes rapidly, and so does your business. Your technology needs to keep up as well, providing protection against fraud threats as they evolve and support intelligence sharing across the organization. Let us help you navigate the complex landscape of user behavior to detect fraud within web and mobile applications and how behavioral biometrics intelligence is reshaping the way banks manage fraud and financial crime.

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Proven Technology With Operational Results

30 %

reduction in false positives

10 X

more behavioral indicators and pattern models

80 %

reduction in transaction-related fraud rates

30 %

improvement in fraud team efficiency

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