Compliance Officer

The Compliance Officer is a hero in the shadows. They safeguard the financial institution's integrity
and reputation by ensuring full legal and regulatory compliance.

Protecting customers while respecting their privacy

Protect the company. Protect the customers. And do it in a way that maintains customer privacy. This is front of mind for the Compliance Officer. 

Government, regulatory bodies, and major organizations continually craft new rules designed to protect vulnerable customers and it’s the Compliance Officer who tracks the movements in the regulatory field and brings the intelligence back into the business.

What Compliance Officers need to
know about BioCatch


BioCatch analyses how users interact with their digital devices. The data itself that is entered is not captured by us, just how the data is entered unless our customers tell us to do otherwise. 

At BioCatch, we believe that every single interaction tells a story about the user's intent. It’s this additional layer of intelligence which is crucial to combatting modern threat types such as Authorised Push Payment (APP) scams and mule accounts. All while adhering to your local data privacy laws.


Want to know more?

Learn about BioCatch Connect our solution that adheres to all the regulatory and privacy rules applicable to your country and institution. Alternatively, get into the details now. Find out more about how we handle sensitive data by reading our Privacy Policy.

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