Fraud Operations
Fraud Operations

With a high volume of real-time transactions to monitor, the job of a Fraud Analyst gets complex fast. Add to that a maze of ever-changing local and global regulations, plus the need to stay updated with the latest tech tools like data analytics and machine learning.
Bottom line: Fraud Analysts must be quick, flexible, and always on their toes to adapt to a constantly shifting landscape. 

The Fraud Operations Perspective

You have a lot on your plate: alert management, customer contact for fraud-related matters, claims and disputes, investigations, case management, and related regulatory obligations. Even as operational volumes continue to increase, you are driven to reduce fraud losses and operational costs despite a largely under-funded environment. False positives are part of the job, but they must be kept to a minimum. You operate with efficiency and have no time to waste. One rule change could lead to chaos. Being on the front lines, your voice must be heard when it comes to new technology investments.


Improve Operational Efficiency

Your team is so busy managing increasing volumes of cases, you find yourself falling behind in staying ahead of emerging fraud attacks. Changes must be made in your fraud prevention stack to improve efficiency and reduce the caseload. In other words, technology must perform. But making the case for technology investment is easier said than done. Download the white paper to learn how behavioral biometric intelligence can deliver time to value and ROI to help you make your business case.

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Find the Right Solution

Behavioral and device intelligence technology has evolved to address new market needs and emerging threats. The bad news: you are trying to reduce the number of tools your team relies on. But the good news: vendor innovation has combined these technologies into a single, unified solution. Download the vendor landscape report to help you navigate the field of leading fraud prevention solution providers, including independent ratings on key product features and client strength.

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Reduce False Positives

False positives have recently become unmanageable, and you have been fighting to get them under control. The best-case scenario is you have an operational nightmare to deal with for a couple of weeks. The worst-case scenario is fraudsters slip through the cracks. Find out how one large bank added behavioral biometrics to their fraud prevention stack and realized a 66% decrease in false positive cases.

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Proven Technology With Operational Results

80 %

reduction in transaction-related fraud rates

30 %

reduction in false positive rates

10 x

more behavioral indicators and pattern models

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