The BioCatch Advantage

Behavior tells all.

In our digital world, behavior tells all. Regardless of an attacker’s chosen mode of operation, user behavior can never be stolen, spoofed, or replicated. Typing speed, swipe patterns, and every click of the mouse tells a story — one of a cybercriminal or one of a genuine user.


Social engineering fraud detection rate within a top LATAM bank immediately following implementation


Additional annual revenue generated after a top US credit issuer leveraged BioCatch low scores to increase customer acquisition


Reduction in customer friction after a top UK bank implemented a risk-based approach using BioCatch risk scores


Fraud losses saved after a top 5 UK bank used BioCatch behavioral insights to automatically decline an attempted fraud transaction

What Industry Leaders Say About BioCatch

"Through cognitive analysis, BioCatch helps reduce instances of Account Opening fraud, which is particularly challenging to detect when the user is a new user and doesn’t have a historical digital footprint with the organization."
John Tolbert, Managing Director, KuppingerCole Executive View
"BioCatch is defining a novel category in digital engagements and has an impressive success record in the financial industry”
Ornit Shinar, Head of Ventures Investments in Citi Israel

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