Before Cash Disappears - Winning the Account Takeover Battle

Date: May 25th, 2021


Account takeover increased 15% last year, according to Forrester Research, and is expected to grow as the increased reliance on digital services offer criminals more potential victims to target. Several modes of operation are used to commit account takeover fraud, from credential abuse and the use of malware and remote access tools to more sophisticated social engineering voice scams. What makes many of these attacks so difficult to detect is they appear to originate from a customer’s own device and location.

What can organizations do to stop account takeover before cash disappears?

In this highly interactive session, you will examine real-world fraud cases and analyze digital behavior to decide whether the transaction is being conducted by a genuine customer or a criminal.

Attendees will learn about:
• The top account takeover methods and why they are so challenging to solve
• What traditional fraud detection tools are missing
• How digital behavior provides new visibility into advanced fraud attacks

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richard davis headshot

Richard Davis

Global Head of Technology Services, Standard Chartered

Andy Renshaw headshot

Andy Renshaw

VP of Payments Strategy & Solutions, Feedzai

Richard Booth headshot

Richard Booth

VP Sales, APAC & EMEA, BioCatch

Soon Kit Tham headshot

Soon Kit Tham

Enterprise Resilience Officer, BNY Mellon