Do you Zelle? Fraud Risks to Consider When Moving to Faster Payments with Zelle

Date: Jan. 15 2019

Time: 11:00 AM ET


Zelle is awesome! The highly innovative P2P scheme allows people to pay in real-time from their bank account to any of their contacts. It’s easy to use, super-fast and extremely convenient.

Unfortunately, it’s also heavily targeted by fraud.

Cyber criminals are already staging massive Zelle fraud campaigns using a clever mix of social engineering and technical infrastructure. Risk teams realize that stopping real-time fraud is a different ball game, and many banks report a high-paced adaptive race with crime rings that quickly respond to new controls.

Learn about the various types of Zelle deployments, the current fraud landscape, and what the industry is doing to defend itself. Whether you host your own Zelle pages, use a third party vendor to fulfill the payments or plan to launch Zelle next year, this webinar is for you!

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Uri Rivner

Co-Founder & Chief Cyber Officer, BioCatch