How to Lock Cybercriminals Out of Mobile Banking

Date: January 26 2021

Mobile banking saw extraordinary growth last year with a 200% increase in registrations and one in three consumers now reporting the mobile channel as the primary method they use to access their bank account. As financial institutions look to grow revenue and meet customers where they bank, it is no surprise to see cybercriminals doing the same. What are you doing to lock cybercriminals out of mobile banking without compromising on introducing new functionality or increased user friction? Is behavioral insights the key?

In this highly interactive session and through a series of real-world cases, we will examine user behavior through the lens of mobile banking and let you decide: is this a genuine customer or a cybercriminal?

Attendees will learn about:
· Top fraud threats originating in the mobile channel
· What current security controls are missing
· How behavioral insights can drastically improve mobile fraud detection



Jordan Bowen

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, BioCatch


Yaron Kaplan

Sr. Product Manager, BioCatch