The BioCatch webinar series features industry analysts and BioCatch subject matter experts who provide insight on the latest trends and the role that behavioral biometrics plays in protecting against cyber threats and fraudulent activity, such as account opening fraud, account takeover and social engineering scams.

Vishing and the Rise of Authorised Push Payment Fraud: How is BioCatch Fighting This Epidemic

Vishing costs British banking customers millions of pounds every year and has become the fastest growing scam in the United Kingdom, but the risk is not limited to that country. In a typical vishing fraud case, the criminal dupes his/her victims into performing financial transactions. For example, a fraudster may call the victim disguised as a security official from his or her bank and, after establishing trust, coerce the victim into transferring funds from his or her account into the scammer’s account as a ‘security measure.’ This voice-based, social engineering crime is only growing in popularity and is set to cost banking customers even more money in the coming years.


2019 Predictions - What to Expect from Cybercrime in the Coming Year

2018 seemed a dismal year for cybersecurity and identity. Massive data breaches, new forms of malware and increasingly sophisticated social engineering attacks hit businesses and consumers at a steady pace. This pace does not seem to be slowing down. Can we expect any better in 2019?