2024 Digital Banking Fraud Trends in EMEA

emea fraud screenshot - 2024

Dig in, reinforce your digital battlements, and mount a state-of-the-art defense against the ceaseless onslaught of fraudsters and scam artists with BioCatch’s report on fraud trends in Europe. The latest research from the creators of a next-generation financial crime-detection and -prevention portfolio powered by behavioral biometric intelligence highlights the most prevalent types of fraud plaguing the continent’s financial institutions in 2024.
In this report, you’ll discover: 

  • Everything Happens on Mobile: 75% of reported fraud cases among BioCatch’s European customers took place on mobile devices, up 6% from 2022.
  • More Stolen Devices Used for Fraud: Stolen-device cases reported to BioCatch rose by 43% in the region, with the UK and Spain accounting for the brunt of the increase.
  • Mules Are Everywhere: BioCatch’s Mule Account Detection solution identified more than 10,000 mule accounts among the company’s European customers.
  • The UK an Outlier: The voice scams plaguing the rest of the continent fell by 25% in the UK last year. Account-takeover (ATO), meanwhile, started to rise again, with its slice of the total fraud pie growing by 13%.
  • Regulations Forcing Fraudsters to Pivot: As banks tighten digital security to align with ever-changing regulation aiming to protect fraud victims, bad actors have begun to change their tactics, leading to an explosion in social engineering scams across the continent.

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