Stronger Together

Partner with intensely curious people who are dedicated to protecting you and your customers.

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Working Together to Build Stronger Fraud Protection

Cutting-Edge Research & Analysis

BioCatch data science and innovation teams continuously monitor emerging fraud trends to ensure organizations are protected against tomorrow’s threats.

Customer-Centric Solutions

BioCatch partners with leading financial institutions to deliver customer-first solutions.


Work with Intensely Curious People

Work in lockstep with BioCatch teams to ensure your goals are continuously met, from deployment and beyond.

Engagement Manager

Engagement Manager

Your go-to person

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Technical Account Manager

Someone to answer all your hefty questions

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Solution Engineer

The person who makes sure it all works for you

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Threat Analyst

Your partner in the fraud investigation journey

What Customers Say About Working with BioCatch

“Our relationship with BioCatch is invaluable. We work very closely together to continuously refine our response plan so we can stay ahead of the ever-evolving fraud threats we’re seeing across our industry.”
Digital Fraud Manager, Top UK Bank
“BioCatch team members are true subject matter experts. Our solution engineer never has to go back internally to find a solution. He understands our specific pains and always comes up with a creative solution”
Financial Crime Manager, Top Asia-Pacific Bank
“BioCatach consistently delivers insights and suggestions to help us further optimize how we use the BioCatch platform. We really count on their expertise and responsiveness.”
Digital Security Director, Top US Bank
"They have subject matter experts among the best in the industry."
Security and Risk Management Executive, Top US Credit Union