Combating New Account Fraud With Behavioral Biometrics

Date: Oct. 23 2019

Time: 11 AM ET


New account fraud continues to grow at a rapid pace, threatening new digital banking business models and fintech platforms such as Zelle, that are in a customer acquisition race. Convenience, speed and ease of use make digital the preferred channel for consumers, but also open the door for criminals. With 14.7 billion personal records stolen in the last 6 years and the proliferation of synthetic identities making it very difficult to tell the difference between a legitimate applicant and one that will result in loss, new models for identity verification are starting to emerge, with behavioral biometrics as a key component.

Join Aite Group Research Director, Julie Conroy, and BioCatch Chief Cyber Officer, Uri Rivner, for a lively discussion, as they examine how fraudsters exploit the account opening process and provide insights into how behavioral biometrics are woven into technical workflows and operational models to drive higher rates of conversion without compromising risk and security.

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uri headshot

Uri Rivner

Co-Founder & Chief Cyber Officer, BioCatch


Julie Conroy

Research Director, Aite Group